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Peace and Blessings and welcome to my website! My name is Mido and I would like to invite you to explore FUZN™ for both your business and personal growth. FUZN™ (pronounced fusion) is a system that combines best practices from diverse sources in a cohesive manner that works for growth. In science we learn about fusion being the process where two or more atomic nuclei join or fuse together to form a heavier nucleus producing vast amounts of energy. By combining different influences together in FUZN™ I am able to offer a superior methodology that is dynamic and successful. My vision is to be a global leader of FUZN™ inspiring both organisations and individuals with the system.

Born in the same year that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was born, I have been infused with the progressiveness of Dubai and the traditions of Abu Dhabi with a touch of California charm. This has inspired all that I do. I have been perfecting FUZN™ since my college days. I had challenged myself that I could design the ultimate system. I realised that the ancient learning model of observation and personal interaction would be best suited to accomplish this. Hence I have personally experienced and then put together best practises as I have witnessed them in different places.

FUZN™ Spiritual / Soul Coaching has deep roots. I was exposed to spiritual training from a very young age. I was blessed as a child of mixed culture to be exposed to multiple influences including my grandfather, my teachers at school, tutors that my parents sent me to and role models in the community. I was exposed to both the Eastern and Western cultures. Often my grandfather would keep me by his side late in to the night when he used to pray and meditate. My father also took me out of school for some time so that we could travel across many countries together on a journey that exposed me to much insight. We travelled by road in a VW Beetle through Europe, the Middle East and Asia and ended our journey in India. Many of the lessons I learned on that journey remain with me today. I have since childhood also lived, travelled and worked across many different cultures absorbing as much as possible the indigenous values and cultural surrounding. This has formed the foundation of FUZN™ Coaching, a blended spiritual coaching system that can help individuals achieve spiritual growth. After an unexpected stay in Andalusia Spain, fate brought me to California. It was whilst taking a beautiful ocean drive along Malibu California that I was inspired to put together a spiritual coaching program that could help people find inner peace and happiness. I feel confident that I have the right spiritual coaching ideology and rich golden Californian spirit for personal growth.

I hope you will join me and allow your business or yourself to embrace FUZN™.

Best Wishes,