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    When your soul is awakened on the deluded world’s shore,
    An aching for the beloved will you feel deep within your core,
    At night restless and lonely will you feel,
    And in the day incomplete and full of impatient zeal,
    Until you try to manage your heart using your head, a most useless way,
    In an anguishing state of true love for the beloved do you constantly stay.

    Then you will journey out to seek the beloved, as if looking behind each star,
    Sometimes tracking nearby and sometimes scouting far,
    You remain in the company of family and friends but yet feel so alone,
    Settling for temporary companionship, yet the beloved you cannot clone,
    Until you reach the point of giving up all hope, a soul under strain,
    The journey of true love to the beloved fills you with pain.

    Now with an experienced but unready soul the beloved will come to you,
    You will embrace as one breathe, each pain replaced with a thousand fold of joy so true,
    You will discover that the beloved was inside you all along,
    True love knows no time and place, it embraces all so strong,
    So ready mind body and soul to the beloved now you completely commit,
    The union of true love with the beloved to it you submit.