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I believe that life and good health is all about balance. In order to achieve good health we need sound nutrition, physical activity, positive lifestyle choices and a healthy spirit. If any of these areas are out of balance then we do not feel healthy. Often it is the spirit that receives the least of attention when it can be argued that this is the first area that should be focused on for good health. When we are physically or emotionally sick we can be diagnosed and take medication. However how do we diagnose the health of the spirit and what do we take to keep it healthy? These are interesting questions. As the Health and Wellness industry grows, the awareness and investment consumers make behind these areas will also increase, particularly in the area of the spirit.


This is why I have developed the FUZN™ Spiritual / Soul Coaching System. It is a holistic coaching system to enable consumers to achieve a more balanced and healthy life. As a FUZN™ Master, descended from a long line of greats, I have been trained since early childhood. I have lived and studied across the world learning the inner, mystical dimension of spirituality with an emphasis on love, tolerance, and openness. In fact, UNESCO has included this into the world’s cultural heritages, to be both commemorated and protected. I have experienced and blended different influences including Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian and Hispanic. Each of these cultures adds a vast amount of understanding and knowledge that when combined together creates something greater than the one in isolation.

The Middle Eastern culture still holds a vast amount of history and mystique that interests and allures many. Despite unstable politics that rocks the region, there is still something magical about the place. It still is the cradle of civilisation. The rich diversity across the region includes Arabian, Persian and Turkish influences. The hospitality of the Gulf, the zest for life in the Levante blends nicely with the buzz of Egypt, the warm hearts of North Africa, the philosophy and passion of Persia and the resilence of Turkey. The Indian subcontinent also has a rich and deep history. With colorful and spicy spirits, mysticism still plays a key role in society. With Asia we witness a number of different spiritual paths that we can derive learnings from. From the Hispanic world which I refer to as Hispania we can learn much from passion to playfullness to deep faith. Hispania has Middle Eastern routes and has considerable influences across the Americas region. Within the USA we can see the Hispania nation at +50mm strong and growing. A nation within a nation from whom we can learn a lot. Hispania is also rebuilding positive bridges to Spain.

Water that’s poured inside will sink the boat While water underneath keeps it afloat. Driving wealth from his heart to keep it pure King Solomon preferred the title ‘Poor’: That sealed jar in the stormy sea out there Floats on the waves because it’s full of air, When you’ve the air of dervishood inside You’ll float above the world and there abide…

(Poetry of Rumi)


As spirits we must be able to express ourselves, it is one way to keep the spirit healthy. I have developed a number of FUZN™ expression tools. Expression may be technological such as through social media; it may be cultural such as through music; it may be at a group level such as through retreats or it may be individual such as through meditation. With an appreciation of music, arts, science and philosophy, I have designed something that helps individuals achieve personal spiritual growth with an inner glow. The Spiritual Index Metric (SIM) tool that I have developed aids individuals in measuring spiritual health. Then through effective Coaching we can see improvements in SIM scores over time. I have worked with a number of individuals, provided guidance and spoken at conferences, workshops, webinars and seminars across the globe. I have also organized spiritual retreats. Moreover I have also written for a number of publications and online.


If you are interested in FUZN™ Coaching for yourself or a loved one, then contact me. If you are looking for a spiritual coach, soul coach, spiritual mentor, spiritual guide or spiritual therapist then contact me. I am able to work out of Dubai, California, London, Switzerland and Australia. This gives me the flexibilty to cover projects anywhere across the globe. You may also connect with me through the major social media networks. Click the links on the contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes


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When love descends on you as if from a rain cloud
Embrace its light, don’t be so proud
Open the layers of your heart, open all seven
For you have been sent a precious gift from heaven

The light of love is like the moon when it’s whole
It borrows rays from your very soul
And projects a light back so pure and true
This is the radiance of love that ascends from you
(Poetry of Mido)